Friday, October 31, 2014


While it's been a fun Hammerick's also been an exhausting HalloWEEK!  Too much to do in absolutely NO time at all!

Allie and I put together sidewalk chalk favors for her friends and party at school (and we made Ayden some too for his buddies at daycare!)  Allie rolled up all the paper on the chalk and I tied.  They came out fabulous!  What a great substitution to candy!!!

We baked pumpkin cookies for the teachers at Allie's school...and she baked for Ayden to give to everyone at Lynnie's.  Nana and Allie mixed the dough when I was at work and then Allie and I rolled, cut, baked and decorated together.  She was a big help and she just loves baking cookies!

We carved pumpkins!  Allie decided she wanted a silly faced jack-o-lantern this Halloween.  Ayden was in awe of our pumpkin and kept sticking his fingers in the eyes...trying to get the candle. 

My school's Halloween parade, party and TRUNK-OR-TREATING was the day before Halloween.  That was exhausting in and of itself!  Allie was looking forward to Trunk-or-Treat for a while now.  The cars were so cool decorated with lights, pumpkins, goblins, ghosts and more.  My students were just as excited to see Allie and Ayden as Allie was to see all of them...especially her buddy, Samantha!

Having my school party on the 30th allowed me to take the morning off and go to Allie's class party on Halloween day.  Allie and I passed out her cookies to her teachers, made crafts, decorated cookies, trick-or-treated and went through Ms. Dee's super cool haunted house together!!!  Allie and her friends had so much fun!!  I was very strange being on the "parent" side of the party.

Halloween dinner was ghost pancakes and bananas and spiderwiches...per Allie's request.  Ayden was perfectly content with Allie's dinner choice.  He ate EVERYTHING...except the chocolate chips, which Allie happily took from Ayden's plate.

Here is the latest and greatest of the SPOOKY-CUTE Halloween projects this year.  Ayden's ghost feet print and pumpkin.  Allie's witch foot print and ghost.

Snow Queen Allie FROZE Halloween this year!  32 degrees with mixed rain and snow...and LOTS of wind.  Can these kids just get a warm Halloween for once where they don't have to cover up their costumes with coats and hats???  At least Olaf won't melt!!!  There won't be too many more Halloween's where these two pumpkins will be so willing to have coordinating costumes.  Ayden made the CUTEST little Olaf ever!!  Thanks, Barb for the awesome hat!

Unfortunately, Todd was ill half this week and wasn't able to make it out trick-or-treating...which left ME to do it all. Get two kids bundled up for the blizzard, photographed, and take around the neighborhood trick-or-treating.  Austin and Allie ventured out together...Batman FLEW his was from house to house and Queen Elsa tried her best to keep least they kept warm.  Ayden didn't complain for a while. He was toasty warm in his stroller blanket and Olaf hat.  But, when the wind picked up and Allie started to complain her face hurt, we headed home for some hot chocolate and "It's the Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown."

I'm so glad this week is over and we made it through...just barely.  Tomorrow will be spent packing up the Halloween decorations (I hope our cute pumpkins on the porch don't blow away) and getting out the Thanksgiving goodies.  Happy Halloween from the Hammerick's!

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