Saturday, September 27, 2014


Allie had a little surprise when the doorbell rang around 6:30 this evening.  Our family friend (aka: our awesome babysitter) wanted to surprise Allie with a trip to Dairy Queen on her visit home from college for the weekend.  Allie ADORES Katherine!  As soon as she opened the door and saw her, she darted upstairs to get her Bowling Green Falcons shirt Katherine bought for her.  When Katherine babysat Allie the last time, Allie wanted to wear the same shirt as Katherine's, and settled for a plain orange top she had buried in the bottom of her drawer.  A few weeks later, Katherine bought Allie a little gift from Bowling Green...and shirt just like hers, Allie size!  Allie wore her shirt for about 3 days straight.

After a quick wardrobe change, Allie and Katherine were off!  Katherine, you are the sweetest!  Allie was thrilled to see you at the door.  Thanks for thinking of her on her quick visit home!

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