Saturday, September 13, 2014

Slumber Party

Since having Allie, I've spent a night here and there away from home, away from Allie...but Todd was always home. Allie spent lots of nights away from Todd when he was in Boston...but I was always home with her. Allie has slept away from home when on vacation...but with Todd and I. However, last night was the first night Allie had her first sleepover away from Nana's house.

Auntie Ellen and Nana graciously picked up Allie along with all her sleepover things...sleeping bag, tooth brush, pajamas, and tye dyed teddy bear. This was their big idea.

When Allie left for the night, there were no tears. She was excited as ever to be spending the night at Nan's house with her two buddies. 

Allie's first sleepover was a successful SOS phone calls in the middle of the night for one of us to come and get Allie.  She had a blast and of course was spoiled rotten while she was there. Thanks, ladies for giving Allie a super fun, first slumber party. I think we will have to start taking more advantage of Nana on the weekend nights!  

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