Monday, August 4, 2014

Pymatuning 2014

We took our annual trip to PA to visit Auntie Ellen and Uncle Joe...and Patches.  Thanks for having us!!!  Allie was looking forward to coming and staying with you guys for a while.  Although our trip got off to a rocky start (issues with getting our rental car, trouble installing our car seats, getting a late start, pulling over 20 minutes after FINALLY getting on the road so Ayden could eat, and TONS and TONS of traffic causing us to be on the road for 2 EXTRA HOURS!) ...we still have fun and some great quality family time.  Here are some highlights from our trip...

The girls took a trip to the Amish store.  Allie liked playing with the handmade Amish toys and swinging on the swings.  She picked out about 12 bags of different kids of gummy candy...we left with ONE (butterfly gummies).

Friday afternoon Auntie took Todd, Allie and I to Lake Pymatuning.  It took a bit to get Allie in the water, but after Auntie took a dip, it was game on.  Thanks Auntie for swimming and playing with Allie at the beach...she just LOVES spending time with you.

Nana and Auntie did come cooking for us, but we did go out for a family dinner.  A quick stop to the feed the CRAZY BIG FISH some bread...they were seriously soooooo gross, but Allie had fun.

What vacation is not complete without ICE CREAM!!!  Blue Moon for Allie...

...and vanilla custard for Ayden.

Our last outing was to the fair.  Deep fried OREO'S, huge inflatable slide, pony rides, and face painting.  Allie was little Ms. Independent and didn't want anyone to walk beside her while on the pony.  She insisted on riding on the smallest Pony (just like her!)

Thanks for having us!  Thanks, Nana for helping out with Ayden (and Allie too) I could catch a few Zzzzz that were much needed from being up half the night with Ayden...ALL THREE NIGHTS!  Allie loved ALL the goodies you bought her.  The trampoline was sooooo fun...even I had a blast jumping on it.  We look forward to visiting again next year (and actually going out on the boat!)

Ayden Update: Ayden is back to sleeping all night long...THANKFULLY! It must have been the pack-n-play.

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