Wednesday, August 27, 2014

First Day of Preschool

Allie was up at the crack of dawn on the first day of school.  I'm guessing it was nerves that woke her up early...5:00 am to be exact.  I was getting up anyways and I guess overall I'm thankful to spend my last few minutes of summer with the cutest preschooler around. 

Allie was fine all morning.  She was super excited to wear her new uniform to school.  She was very cooperative and smiled perfectly for her "first day of preschool" photo. She even jumped right out of the car with her lunchbox in hand and headed into her new school.  BUT...after I signed her in, my happy little ray of sunshine turned into a leg clinger with the saddest frown face I've ever seen.  It seriously breaks my heart to see her sad and timid.  I gave her the biggest hug and a last kiss goodbye before I darted for the the next heartbreaking moment of my morning.

I raced to Lynnie's to drop off Ayden for HIS first day of daycare of the school year, before I attempted to get myself to work on time.  I managed to snap this photo before he started wailing. 

I'm really hoping this doesn't last.  I might have to quit if these two don't get it heart won't be able to handle this for long.

UPDATE:  Allie is doing very well at school...although she like to give me a hard time when I drop her off in the morning.  She sometime will cling to my leg and give me those sad puppy dog eyes...just to pull on my heart strings a bit.  Allie LOVES her teacher, Ms. Sue!  We're looking forward to a great year with her!  She is kind, loving and swears that Allie has a great day (everyday).  Thanks, Ms. Sue!

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