Sunday, August 10, 2014

Ayden's Cake Smash!

This handsome guy hated his cake smash...just like his big sister did (Allie's Cake Smash). I'm pretty proud of myself for pulling this off. I made the cake, banners and birthday hat (that Ayden HATED wearing, as well). I tried to put on his hat but we think the elastic strap was just too he cried.  After I go him to calm down, Todd sat him next to his cake and he stuck his hand in right away before I could even snap the photo.  I cleaned off his hand, took a quick photo...and then it was go time!  With a look at the cake...he cried, again.  He stopped after a bit and got into it a little.  He put his hand in the frosting and tasted it...and spit it out.  Then cried some more.  He knocked over the cake stand.  Cake turned upside down.  Ayden grabbed the cake board and had a ball banging and beating it on top of the cake.  He gave it a lick.  With a little help from Todd picking up Ayden whenever he started crawling away, and Allie jumping up and down behind me to get Ayden to smile...I ended up with a FEW good pictures for his storyboard. I don't think he minded the frosting, but he definitely didn't love it. Happy soon to be first birthday to my favorite little man. 

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