Saturday, July 26, 2014

Work'n On My Fitness

I have to admit that trying to take some time and do something for yourself can be a bit of a challenge with two kids at home. I usually wake up before the littles and rush downstairs to our home gym and sweat it out before I'm consumed with feeding, changing, cleaning up after and playing. If I don't exercise first thing, I don't exercise at all. Most days Allie will wake up when I'm finished (or almost finished). But sometimes I'm blessed to have a little motivator workout beside me...and sometime under my feet. 

When Allie does workout with me, she INSISTS on changing into her exercise clothes (aka: her cheer practice clothes she got in her Easter basket this year)...just like her mom.  Allie is pretty good at working out...she can hold a plank for a good 15 seconds and her squat has perfect form. Allie says her favorite moves are jumping jacks and crunches...because she likes to exercise her belly muscles. Allie now has her own set of pink dumbells (I was terrified she was going to drop my 8lb-ers on her foot).  She often requests which video she wants to do...the girl video or the boy video (referring to who the instructor is). But more often than not...Allie will participate for about 15 minutes before she is off reading the books I keep in the gym or giving her dolls a check up with her doctor tools. Allie thinks that when I workout, she had free reign to turn my gym into her second playroom. My workouts with Allie usually end with me jumping over a Cabbage Patch having her temperature taken or kicking some toy out of the way so I can do my burpee's. 

On those days I feel a little's good to know a little someone will give me some motivation to get a move on!

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