Wednesday, July 16, 2014

The Monster I Created

The top three reasons I became a teacher...June, July and August...I cherish and LOVE summer because I get to spend sooooo much time with my OWN children.  We eat every meal together, we work together, we play together.  I get to be with two of my favorite people ALL DAY LONG! 

Unfortunately with all these positives come the big fat negative of Ayden totally forgetting who his caregivers were for the past 5 months.  When school ended Ayden left daycare.  We went on vacation and took a week to ourselves when we returned.  Ayden was away from Lynnie's for about a month.

I decided to give up my precious baby boy for a whole FOUR hours a week so he could stay accustomed to his daycare lifestyle and not be a crying, stressful mess when I return to work...because I will probably be a crying stressful mess when I have to report for the new school year.  I was hoping that when Ayden saw Lynnie and Debbie's beautiful faces...he would smile his gummy smile and all would be fine in his world.  That was not so much the case. He cried...and cried and cried and cried until I darted for the door...and then he continued to cry some more, for pretty much the entire time he was there :(  My poor little man. I can't believe that only after four weeks, he completely forgot his "other family." 

Ayden went back the following week and was a little better...and is getting better with each visit.  Today I got the best text photo of my love...calm, content and NOT crying.  Thank you Debbie for sending me reassuring updates of Ayden.  It makes my morning to know he's ok without his momma.

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