Monday, June 23, 2014


Part TWO of our summer vacation...we visited NYC!    We weren't really sure how the kiddos would do in the big apple...but none of us had ever been before and since we were already there, we decided to make the most of it!

Having a stroller we decided to buy bus tour tickets to get around the city.  We heard not every subway stop had an elevator and the idea of carrying a stroller up and down the stairs was not very appealing.  Allie liked riding up top...but it did get a little hot up there. 

We visited the TOP OF THE ROCK on the 67th floor.  Amazing views of the city and the Empire State Building.  Ayden slept and Allie skipped around.

The littles were very happy to stop at CENTRAL PARK!  We didn't go very far into the park, but we played at one of the playgrounds for a while.  Allie and Todd rode on the carousel together and Allie LOVED her doggie and heart balloon she got while in the park (her request).

We got a few yummy treats...cupcakes first!!!  Pumpkin for me and cinnamon sugar for Allie.  Ayden even stole a few bites.  We also went to Dylan's Candy Bar.  Allie filled up a fun little candy paint bucket with all of her favorites...tootsie rolls, gummies and chocolates.

When we planned our trip...the STATUE OF LIBERTY was a MUST see!  Allie was VERY excited to visit Lady Liberty.  Before we left I brought home a few books from school about the Statue of Liberty.  Allie was very well prepared for our visit.  She knew we would take a boat to the island and get to walk around and see her. 

Our very last stop was TOYS R US!  4 levels of toys, treats and fun!  We let Allie pick out one toy to bring home with her.  She chose a purple, grape smelling NYC teddy bear.  The store had a FERRIS WHEEL right in the middle!  We ALL rode on the Mr. Potato Head car together.

There were MANY things we planned to do...but just didn't have time to.  2 days in the big city just wasn't enough.  Everything took three times as long as we thought it would and pushing the stroller around was a bit of a challenge in some parts of the city (Times Square in the afternoon/evening).  But...I'm very glad we stayed and played.

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