Friday, July 4, 2014

Happy Birthday, America!

Our two little firecrackers were all excited for the 4th of July parade!  We left them a little something special on the kitchen table this morning to get them in the celebration spirit. A new red and blue sippy cup and blueberry pouch for Ayden and red, white and blue fun hair ties and sun glasses for Allie...and a GIANT HERSHEY KISS too!
Allie was more than willing to pose for some photos in her Americana dress (she has been all about dresses lately).

Ayden was all ready to celebrate his very first INDEPENDANCE DAY!  He was dressed in his red, white, and blue too!

We made our traditional stop at Dunkin Doughnuts for some 4th of July doughnuts for Allie and coffee for Todd and I to eat at the parade while we wait for it to start. 

Allie LOVED the parade once again.  She loved collecting all the candy...I'm pretty sure she got more candy at the parade then she did at Halloween last year. Ayden was very content in his Go-Pod watching all the people walk by.

After the parade we went to Nana and Papa's for lunch and spent the afternoon playing at their beach.  Allie, Nana and Todd took a ride in the paddle boat around the lake.

Back at home it was time for ice cream with blue and red sprinkles (Allie's request) before the fireworks show in our driveway. 

Allie loved the sparklers and other SUPER small fireworks Todd set off.  Allie's buddy Ainsley came over to watch too.  The girls clapped and giggled after every one.  Even Ayden enjoyed watching them go off from his GoPod!

This year I tried to explain to Allie that we celebrate America's birthday on the 4th of July.  She asked me a couple times if America was going to wear a birthday hat, lol.  We took a moment to sing "Happy Birthday" to America today.

Our day was perfect...UNTIL about 10:30 pm...when our lovely new neighbors decided to set off really cool but really LOUD fireworks right over our house when the kids were fast asleep.  So glad they each have a sound machine in their rooms...and so thankful they slept through it all.  Ayden tossed and turned, but fortunately didn't wake up.  I'm sure we will LOVE the show our neighbors put on in the future when we DON'T have a BABY trying to about 7+ years.

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