Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Girls Just Wanna...

While Ayden was spending some quality time with the ladies at day care, Allie and I got some much deserved girl time. After I drug her to Meijer (she was super excited to ride Sandy) and the mall (quick pit stop at the play area), we headed home and straight to our pantry.  Allie's new favorite hobby is BAKING!  She asks me just about every other day if we can bake cookies...even if we just did so the day before.  Whenever we do some baking, I find myself making twelve trips to the pantry to get everything we need on the ingredient list.  Well...NOT ANYMORE!  Whaaa-laaa!  Problem solved! 

This play shopping cart used be an outside toy...until Allie decided to run with it on too many times and hit the crack in the sidewalk....which did not end so well.  I decided to bring this toy inside but then we were afraid it was going to crash into our walls and we'd have missing paint everywhere. day I put it in our pantry and it officially became our "pantry cart." This is one of the main reasons Allie likes to bake...just so she can go "shopping" in our pantry.

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