Thursday, June 26, 2014


Yep!  That pretty much describes the kiddos and I these couple weeks. MISERABLE!!!  The last day of school poor Ayden had yucky goop coming out of his eyes. After a trip to the doctor, we found out he had an ear infection and possible pink eye. Remedy: antibiotics and drops.

The next day I got a super soar throat. After the kids were in bed I went to urgent care... As much as I didn't want to go at 8:30 at night, it sound way more appealing than carting two kids to the doctor when I'm not feeling well. No strep, just viral. Remedy: gargle with salt water (ewww, gross). 

Our whole vacation I had a soar throat off and on and THEN started to cough. The last day or our trip Ayden's nose started running and he was coughing. 

You would think having a sick baby is miserable. But nothing compares to a sick three year old. A couple days ago Allie had a temp of 103 and climbing. Let me tell you...being home with her while being sick and Ayden who is now mobile, just about did me in.  If there was a time that I had the ability to physically clone would be it!  Allie cried.  Ayden cried. Allie wanted to be held.  Ayden wouldn't be put down.  All I could do was sit and hold both of them.  Allie ended up having an ear infection AND pink eye!  Getting her to take any medicine was like WW3 in our house.  It took a considerable amount of tears, bribery, and Todd physically holding her down in some fancy restraint move I'm sure he learned at work all while she screamed and cried to the point of vomiting to get anything in her..and the eye drops (of all things) were the worst.  You'd think we were sticking a needle in her eye.    Remedy: eye drops, antibiotics, and Advil fever reducer.

It's SUMMER!!!  Why is everyone getting sick?!?!  Luckily for Todd...he was the only one who didn't catch anything.                           

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