Saturday, June 28, 2014

Pool Party

After Ayden was born, we took a little swim BREAK. But, after many, many conversations to prep Allie about how she NEEDS to learn how to swim AND go under water...we finally took the plunge and enrolled BOTH of these little fish at the new Aqua Tots!

Allie started to dislike  (if that's what you call crying a majority of the lesson time) swim class because she had to go under water.  She just now starting to learn the concept of holding her breath and not sucking up half the pool water.  Allie's attitude changed a little bit when we told her our friend and neighbor, Ainsley was going to be in the same class!  Allie was as happy as could be and willing went into her first lesson without any tears.  Not only did she do EVERYTHING her swim teacher asked...but she also practiced going under water...YEAH!!!  Thanks to Ainsley for being such a great swim role model, Allie is LOVING her Saturday swim lessons.

Ayden is as happy as can be in the water.  He's all smiles and splashes!  Way to go my two little fish!

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