Monday, June 30, 2014

Graduation Girl

It's hard to believe that almost three years ago I brought my 9 month old little Allie girl to Lynnie's Place for the very first time.  I was not prepared to leave her on the first day of school...but it is something that every working mother must endure. 

To be honest...I didn't really shop around for a daycare. I asked my teacher friends I worked with and MANY told me all about Lynnie's Place. With all the great recommendations, I was SOLD...and I hadn't even been in to check the place out. 
Way back then, I had no idea how much of a connection we would now feel to our daycare. These ladies are like family. They were Allie's mommy (and daddy) when we could not be.  They gave her the hugs and cuddles she needed when we couldn't.  They told her NO when she needed to be told no.  They loved her and loved her for many, many days.

About a month ago Allie spent her very last day with Lynnie, Debbie and Ilene. She's now a "Lynnie Graduate" and I couldn't be more proud. Although, I won't be dropping Allie off at Lynnie's come fall...I'll still be stopping there every Wednesday, Thursday and Friday to share my Ayden.


The end of the school year was a bit hectic and the Hammerick's didn't get to show our appreciation for all that these wonderful women have done for us. So this week Allie (with just a little bit of my help) mixed, rolled, cut, baked and decorated some festive cookies for our favorite daycare. Thank you Lynnie, Debbie, and Ilene for loving my sweet girl.  She's enjoyed her time with you and loved coming to play and learn each day. I appreciate the daily text updates and pictures you'd send me most days while I slaved away at school.  My day would become just a little bit brighter when I saw my girl painting pictures, scooping ice cream to her friends, or dancing with her prince, Robby. 

I asked Allie what she really, really liked about going to Lynnie's.  I got two answers..."I liked to draw on the Etcha Sketch" and "The crafts."  When I asked her what the one thing she didn't like about Lynnie's...she replied with, "I didn't like you leaving me."  Uhhh...melt me heart! 
Thank you, thank you, thank you, Lynnie's Place...a million times over...for helping us raise our precious girl.  It takes a village.

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