Sunday, June 1, 2014

Allie is 3.5

Our spunky, sassy and sweet baby girl turned 3-and-a-half today.  Allie is one beautiful girl I just cannot take enough photos of.  She was as willing as ever to have her mini photo session out on our front lawn.  All dressed and hair curled, this mini model hammed it up for my camera.
Allie has been into the movie FROZEN lately.  She can pretty much sing every song in the movie by heart and quote almost any line.  Allie loves anything to do with Disney princesses.  Allie is still into cheerleading and loves to stunt with Todd.  She would make him throw her around all afternoon if he would let her.  Allie likes to paint and do crafts with me.  She like to play restaurant and have tea parties.  Allie hates bugs and will cry when one comes by her. Allie is such a wonderful big sister and LOVES to be with Ayden.  She is caring, protective and so loving to him.  She comforts him when he is sad and her laugh is always contagious.  Allie enjoys playing outside...riding her bike, playing at the park and driving her red Power Wheels car.  Allie and I have the most wonderful conversations on the way to day care.  She is curious about everything she sets her eyes on and wants to learn all she can.  Allie is still working on writing her name independently.  She recognizes all the letters in the alphabet and can write many of them.

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