Monday, June 30, 2014

Graduation Girl

It's hard to believe that almost three years ago I brought my 9 month old little Allie girl to Lynnie's Place for the very first time.  I was not prepared to leave her on the first day of school...but it is something that every working mother must endure. 

To be honest...I didn't really shop around for a daycare. I asked my teacher friends I worked with and MANY told me all about Lynnie's Place. With all the great recommendations, I was SOLD...and I hadn't even been in to check the place out. 
Way back then, I had no idea how much of a connection we would now feel to our daycare. These ladies are like family. They were Allie's mommy (and daddy) when we could not be.  They gave her the hugs and cuddles she needed when we couldn't.  They told her NO when she needed to be told no.  They loved her and loved her for many, many days.

About a month ago Allie spent her very last day with Lynnie, Debbie and Ilene. She's now a "Lynnie Graduate" and I couldn't be more proud. Although, I won't be dropping Allie off at Lynnie's come fall...I'll still be stopping there every Wednesday, Thursday and Friday to share my Ayden.


The end of the school year was a bit hectic and the Hammerick's didn't get to show our appreciation for all that these wonderful women have done for us. So this week Allie (with just a little bit of my help) mixed, rolled, cut, baked and decorated some festive cookies for our favorite daycare. Thank you Lynnie, Debbie, and Ilene for loving my sweet girl.  She's enjoyed her time with you and loved coming to play and learn each day. I appreciate the daily text updates and pictures you'd send me most days while I slaved away at school.  My day would become just a little bit brighter when I saw my girl painting pictures, scooping ice cream to her friends, or dancing with her prince, Robby. 

I asked Allie what she really, really liked about going to Lynnie's.  I got two answers..."I liked to draw on the Etcha Sketch" and "The crafts."  When I asked her what the one thing she didn't like about Lynnie's...she replied with, "I didn't like you leaving me."  Uhhh...melt me heart! 
Thank you, thank you, thank you, Lynnie's Place...a million times over...for helping us raise our precious girl.  It takes a village.

Saturday, June 28, 2014

Pool Party

After Ayden was born, we took a little swim BREAK. But, after many, many conversations to prep Allie about how she NEEDS to learn how to swim AND go under water...we finally took the plunge and enrolled BOTH of these little fish at the new Aqua Tots!

Allie started to dislike  (if that's what you call crying a majority of the lesson time) swim class because she had to go under water.  She just now starting to learn the concept of holding her breath and not sucking up half the pool water.  Allie's attitude changed a little bit when we told her our friend and neighbor, Ainsley was going to be in the same class!  Allie was as happy as could be and willing went into her first lesson without any tears.  Not only did she do EVERYTHING her swim teacher asked...but she also practiced going under water...YEAH!!!  Thanks to Ainsley for being such a great swim role model, Allie is LOVING her Saturday swim lessons.

Ayden is as happy as can be in the water.  He's all smiles and splashes!  Way to go my two little fish!

Thursday, June 26, 2014


Yep!  That pretty much describes the kiddos and I these couple weeks. MISERABLE!!!  The last day of school poor Ayden had yucky goop coming out of his eyes. After a trip to the doctor, we found out he had an ear infection and possible pink eye. Remedy: antibiotics and drops.

The next day I got a super soar throat. After the kids were in bed I went to urgent care... As much as I didn't want to go at 8:30 at night, it sound way more appealing than carting two kids to the doctor when I'm not feeling well. No strep, just viral. Remedy: gargle with salt water (ewww, gross). 

Our whole vacation I had a soar throat off and on and THEN started to cough. The last day or our trip Ayden's nose started running and he was coughing. 

You would think having a sick baby is miserable. But nothing compares to a sick three year old. A couple days ago Allie had a temp of 103 and climbing. Let me tell you...being home with her while being sick and Ayden who is now mobile, just about did me in.  If there was a time that I had the ability to physically clone would be it!  Allie cried.  Ayden cried. Allie wanted to be held.  Ayden wouldn't be put down.  All I could do was sit and hold both of them.  Allie ended up having an ear infection AND pink eye!  Getting her to take any medicine was like WW3 in our house.  It took a considerable amount of tears, bribery, and Todd physically holding her down in some fancy restraint move I'm sure he learned at work all while she screamed and cried to the point of vomiting to get anything in her..and the eye drops (of all things) were the worst.  You'd think we were sticking a needle in her eye.    Remedy: eye drops, antibiotics, and Advil fever reducer.

It's SUMMER!!!  Why is everyone getting sick?!?!  Luckily for Todd...he was the only one who didn't catch anything.                           

Monday, June 23, 2014


Part TWO of our summer vacation...we visited NYC!    We weren't really sure how the kiddos would do in the big apple...but none of us had ever been before and since we were already there, we decided to make the most of it!

Having a stroller we decided to buy bus tour tickets to get around the city.  We heard not every subway stop had an elevator and the idea of carrying a stroller up and down the stairs was not very appealing.  Allie liked riding up top...but it did get a little hot up there. 

We visited the TOP OF THE ROCK on the 67th floor.  Amazing views of the city and the Empire State Building.  Ayden slept and Allie skipped around.

The littles were very happy to stop at CENTRAL PARK!  We didn't go very far into the park, but we played at one of the playgrounds for a while.  Allie and Todd rode on the carousel together and Allie LOVED her doggie and heart balloon she got while in the park (her request).

We got a few yummy treats...cupcakes first!!!  Pumpkin for me and cinnamon sugar for Allie.  Ayden even stole a few bites.  We also went to Dylan's Candy Bar.  Allie filled up a fun little candy paint bucket with all of her favorites...tootsie rolls, gummies and chocolates.

When we planned our trip...the STATUE OF LIBERTY was a MUST see!  Allie was VERY excited to visit Lady Liberty.  Before we left I brought home a few books from school about the Statue of Liberty.  Allie was very well prepared for our visit.  She knew we would take a boat to the island and get to walk around and see her. 

Our very last stop was TOYS R US!  4 levels of toys, treats and fun!  We let Allie pick out one toy to bring home with her.  She chose a purple, grape smelling NYC teddy bear.  The store had a FERRIS WHEEL right in the middle!  We ALL rode on the Mr. Potato Head car together.

There were MANY things we planned to do...but just didn't have time to.  2 days in the big city just wasn't enough.  Everything took three times as long as we thought it would and pushing the stroller around was a bit of a challenge in some parts of the city (Times Square in the afternoon/evening).  But...I'm very glad we stayed and played.

Friday, June 20, 2014

Bermuda Cruise

I've been looking forward to this vacation since the moment we booked it!  This school year was particularly rough with heading back to school with a baby and everything that comes along with him.  Todd and I contemplated NOT going on a vacation this year because Ayden isn't going to remember a single thing about it.  BUT...after I thought about it...I REALLY, REALLY deserve a vacation after this school we went!  We left 3 days after school was out.  I packed up the pouches, the swim floaties, the beach tent and toys, the stroller and baby carrier...and lots and lots of diapers.



There were so many fun things for Allie to do on the ship.  One of her favorites was "PET-PET" golf (as she called it). 

...and swimming in the hot tub and pools!  This was Allie's first trip using her floaties.  She was so brave!  We were very proud of her watching her swim all on her own!  The kids pool had fun water slides too that Allie took many trips down.

Ayden LOVED the water and crawling around on the pool deck playing with the toys we brought with us.  We spent our sea days mostly at the pool.

Todd and I were quite surprised when Allie decided she wanted to go to Adventure Ocean (the kids area).  We for sure thought she would cry when we left her there...but she jumped right in and read stories, played dress-up and made fun crafts with the staff.

In the evenings there were some fun family activities...we went to Barbie Sing-Along, did a scavenger hunt and made a cruise scrapbook page too!  Allie and Ayden were the big winners of the scavenger hunt.  We had to run around the ship gathering items.  Allie got a super cool Royal Caribbean medal and Ayden got his very own octopus.

All dressed up for dinner.  We ate in the dining room every night.  Ayden was quite the attraction.  He ate more than his big sister (not kidding) and would scream or yell until someone put something in his mouth...the WHOLE dinner!  Ayden's favorites were applesauce, kiwi, pizza, spaghetti and mac 'n cheese...and pretty much anything else we gave him.


We always make sure to hit up Johnny Rockets on the ships.  This cruise was no exception.  Milkshakes are always a favorite!

This was the best Father's Day EVER!!!  Happy Father's Day to the best daddy on the Explorer of the Seas!!  Todd, we love you so much and appreciate all you do to take care of our family.  This was Ayden's first Father's Day!

Our first and only stop on this cruise was BERMUDA!!!  We headed to Horseshoe Bay Beach for some fun in the sun.  We set up our beach tent and spent a good part of the day there.  Allie built sand castles in the pink sand and swam in the crystal clear turquoise water.  Ayden splashed in the ocean and ate some sand.  After everyone was tired out from the sun, the kiddos took a nap in the tent and Todd and I enjoyed our RUM SWIZZLE.

The second day in Bermuda, we headed to TOBACCO BAY BEACH in St. George.  We took a water ferry there and walked up to the beach.  Another day of sun, beach and swimming before heading back home to the states.

Ayden's first family vacation will forever be a memory in my heart.  He may not remember a thing about it...but I will always remember this precious time we spent together on the beautiful Bermuda beaches with my 9 month old baby boy and 3.5 year old Allie girl.  We are so blessed to have been able to take this trip together as a family of four. 

Next stop...NYC!