Monday, May 5, 2014

Happy Appreciation Week!

Lynnie, Debbi, and Ilene...WE LOVE YOU!  What more can we say?  Thank you so much for loving these two little guys each and every day.  Thank you for teaching them, feeding them, changing them, loving them, giving Ayden snuggles all day when I can't and peeling Allie off of me and distracting her when I'm rushing out the door.  Thank you for keeping my kiddos safe, happy and most of all...making them feel loved.  You are part of our family!

The first week in May is NOT only my birthday...and Mother's Day...and the BUSIEST month in a teacher's career (next to September)...but it's also Teacher Appreciation Week.  You three are my kid's teachers.  You teach them about life, learning...and even the importance of brushing teeth.  This week the Hammerick's wanted to let you know how much we appreciate you.  We hope you like your little gift...handmade with handprints and hand lotion...created and packaged by Allie and Ayden's little hands. 
Thank you again for all that you do!  We appreciate you!

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