Saturday, May 17, 2014

Big Girl Bedroom

Personally, I would have been fine keeping Allie in her toddler bed for a little bit longer...however, Todd was ready to convert.  Allie's little girl bedroom with her giant pink bean bag will forever be a memory.  Because today, Allie got a brand new big girl bed.  Her once little baby girl crib, turned into a little girl now a BIG girl bed that will grow with her until the one day she decides to move out of her childhood home...and probably take her childhood furniture with her. 

Allie's crib when she was a baby...

...converted to a toddler bed when Allie was two-and-a-half...


...and now to a REAL BIG GIRL BED  when Allie was three-and-a-half.  A bed that will grow with her through her high school years...and some!

We are so glad Papa Ray decided to buy a new mattress...because we inherited his old one!  Allie is very appreciative. 

Allie and I absolutely LOVE how her quilt came out.  I had the same person who made her crib quilt and bedding, make her full size quilt for her new bed.  Now everything matches just right and we didn't have to redo her whole room.  It's perfect!

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