Thursday, May 15, 2014

Allie's Baptism Birthday

This little angel was a gift from the heavens.  3 years ago today, she was baptized and welcomed with open arms into the church.  We celebrated with a special family dinner and a special DESSERT too (picked out by Allie)...thanks Nana and Auntie for picking up a LEMON cupcake from the mall.  Allie helped decorated the table with her candle, baptism photo and bonnet. 
We sang "Happy Baptism to you..." and Allie blew out her candle (once before dinner...and again after dinner...twice).  Allie was also super excited to wear her cross necklace.  She knows she can only wear it for "fancy" occasions. 

Allied liked the frosting best (as usual)...and she was so sweet to share with her dad.
Just to make Allie's special day a little more wonderful...Todd and I gave her a little gift we've been saving for a rainy day...lots of Sofia surprises.


Allie, God welcomes your pure, sweet heart into his church.  We love you...and the kind loving girl you have become.  God is proud of you.

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