Sunday, April 20, 2014

Easter 2014

That Easter Bunny sure was surprised to find a little letter when he hopped on through our house bright and early Easter morning.

He did a good job hiding the eggs Allie left out for him (he even filled them with some yummy snacks for Allie and Ayden)...and he ate up all the carrots on the kitchen table...AND he hid two colorful Easter baskets before he hopped out our door.


Ayden's was filled with a new pair of walking shoes he will soon grow into, an animal magnetic toy, a new book for the Tag Reader...and yummy pouches!

Allie's basket was FILLED with DOC MCSTUFFIN'S goodies...a Doc shrinky dink bracelet, Doc socks, a Doc snack container, Doc Band-Aids and a doctor bag to put all the tools she already has.  There was a new Letter Factory DVD, a cheer outfit and lots of Easter candy corn.

Easter breakfast this year was yummy waffle bunnies...thanks Daddy for the yummy waffles.


Ayden was so sweet in his little Easter vest.  All dressed and ready to have family over for dinner. 

Time to dye Easter eggs... have an egg hunt outside with.  First I hid them for Allie...then Allie hid them for Allie.  She only dropped a couple. 

Ayden's favorite part of the was not his Easter basket or the Easter eggs....but the Easter HAM for dinner...and mashed potatoes! 
Allie's favorite part of dinner was the CUPCAKES (aka: frosting) she made.  She INSISTED on decorating the cupcakes all by herself!  I was so proud of little baker in training!
This years Easter family photo wasn't the best, but it will have to do,

Happy first Easter to Ayden!  Happy Easter 2014!

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