Sunday, April 13, 2014

Ayden is 7 Months

This month Ayden had his first bite of food...and he LOVES it. Some of his favorites are bread, peanut butter, homemade chicken patties, banana, prunes, sweet potatoes, and yogurt.  Ayden likes to eat in his high chair when the family has meal time.  He nurses 4-5 a day.  Ayden likes to be rocked to sleep.  He sleeps about 9-10 hours at night. He loves taking walks in his stroller while watching his big sister ride her bike or drive her Power Wheels car.  Ayden's hair is really starting to grow in.  Some of Ayden's new tricks are rolling from his back to his tummy and grabbing his toes. Ayden has become very verbal. He says damu, and th and blows raspberries all the time. Ayden spends his playtime in the jump-a-roo or exersaucer.  He loves to roll around on the floor too.  


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