Sunday, March 16, 2014

Lucky the Leprechaun

How lucky are we to have these two wee cutie pies?!?!  Allie said she is the leprechaun and Ayden is the lucky charm! 

Last night a sneaky little leprechaun snuck into our house and left us some surprises. Allie saw our kitchen first and yelled for me to come see. "Wow!  It's beautiful!" Allie gasped.  
We found a letter on our table from a leprechaun named Lucky. He left us some St. Patrick's Day treats and goodies to enjoy today. He decorated our kitchen in everything shamrock, green, and St. Patrick-ish!

Lucky invaded our pantry and whipped up some cupcakes, Jell-O, and pancake batter. We found a rainbow of fruit with a marshmallow cloud and gold too. He used his leprechaun magic to turn our pancakes and milk GREEN!  He also left us some green gummy bears, green jelly beans, green chocolate chips, green M&M's, and green candy corn (Allie's favorite)!




Lucky had heard we've been talking about what a good man St. Patrick was. He told us to always be good to others.  Lucky left the wee ones some goodies before he headed out. Allie's been wanting a "pointer" just like at day care. Lucky left a GREEN pointer and a set of RAINBOW paint for Allie and a green pear pouch for Ayden. Yummy!!!

Yummy little leprechaun pancakes topped off with lucky charms marshmallows. Allie gobbled up most of her green pancakes and ate ALL of her Jell-O...

...and gulped down her green milk too. 

Thanks, Lucky, for a super yummy St. Patrick's Day breakfast. We can't wait to  see you again next year!

Of course...our St. Patrick's Day is not complete without a traditional Shamrock Shake....Mmmmm!  Thanks for sharing, Allie!  I love me some minty goodness. 

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