Thursday, March 13, 2014

Ayden is 6 Months

A half a year old!!!  Ayden is changing and growing right before our eyes!  Ayden likes to blow raspberries and make grunting noises.  He can lay on his belly and pick his head up.  When he gets tired, he will roll to his back.  Ayden likes to hang out in the jump-a-roo and exersaucer.  When someone is holding him, he likes to try and grab anything he can get his hands on.  Ayden is really good at putting his binky into his mouth now, which is extremely helpful to Todd and I at night.  Ayden got his first taste of real food.  He's sucked and chewed on apple and pear slices, red pepper, broccoli, and banana too.  I tried to feed him some applesauce, but he wasn't very fond of it.  Ayden got his first illness...RSV.  Soon after he had an ear infection and diaper rash.  Poor guy has been a bit miserable lately.  In between all the crying, he's had a TON of smiles and giggles!


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