Sunday, March 2, 2014

A Successful 1st Season

Way to go, SNAP POPS on an awesome 2014 competitive season!!!  You all did so well at your THREE competitions this season (one at Eastern and two at Cobo). Allie really loved being a part of her team and enjoyed going to practice every week. She especially loved wearing her uniform and asked a number of times if she could wear it all day and to bed at night. 

This years professional photos were PERFECT!  Allie was super cooperative and was perfectly happy for pose in front of the camera. I'm hoping one day I'll be able to compare her SENIOR cheer photos with these ones!

Allie loves Coach Stacey and her cheer mentor, Diya. I'm so happy she bonded and became so comfortable with made leaving Todd and I at competitions that much easier. 

I know as Allie grows up (hopefully in the cheer world) she probably won't remember her first competitions...but she'll be able to look back at her three-year-old cheer self and her very first competition medals. Hopefully starting cheer at such a young age will give her a jump start on her cheer skills...her front and back handspring, standing back tuck, double full, front and back walkover, ariel...and any other crazy dangerous tumbling move that I'm hoping she will master one day. 

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