Sunday, February 16, 2014

So Proud...and Rested

I knew this day would come...EVENTUALLY!  The day Allie consistently sleeps in her bed (not in my bed or on my floor or with Todd or I laying on her beanbag in her room) ALL BY HERSELF, ALL NIGHT LONG!  She does still get up to go to the bathroom a time or two in the middle of the night, but with a little reminder of all the good things that will happen if she allows everyone else in the house to sleep, she quietly falls back asleep until her clock turns yellow.
It's been a LONG, hard road at night for the Hammerick's.  We were desperate!  When Allie wouldn't go to bed without a parent in the room, we came up with a plan.  Allie gets 5 jelly bellies in the morning is she doesn't get out of bed when it's bedtime.  For every time she leaves her room, she looses a bean.  I'm sure her getting a little older has helped matters as well. 
Allie has been keeping sticker charts of her progress for a few months now.  For every night she goes back to sleep after getting up to go to the bathroom, she got a sticker.  After 5 stickers she would get a reward of her choice.  Allie has accumulated a few new doctor tools for her doctor kit and has taken a couple trips to fun places like Safari Playground as rewards.  Maybe she'll be a doctor one day! 
We decided to up the anti because she has been doing so well.  One day I tested out my new double stroller at the mall (cause we won't be taking any walks in the fridged cold anytime soon) and we strolled into Build-A-Bear.  That's where the inspiration for our next sticker sheet came from.
Can you imagine what the excitement was like when we FINALLY reached our goal!  We did have a night a two without a sticker...I'll take it compared to what our nights used to be like. 
Allie picked out a sparkly, rainbow teddy bear...which she named COLORIA!

Welcome to the family, Coloria.  You'll have many restful nights snuggling with Allie girl.

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  1. Awwww I remember when I went to build-a-bear as a child and man do I miss it. Cute children by the way.