Friday, February 7, 2014

R.I.P. Rav 4

It's been two weeks since my little Rav 4 took its last drive on the road. When I dropped Allie off at day care, never in my dreams would I have guessed 5 minutes later the front end of my car would be laying on the pavement on Maple Road.
Being in a car accident was one the scariest things that has ever happened to me. You can't prepare for it in any way. One second I was minding my own business and driving along (with both hands, not texting, not talking, not reaching in the back to put Ayden's pacifier back in). A SPLIT second later I was looking at fragments of my car up on my windshield and smelling the stench of air bags. Ayden was screaming and the only thing I could think of was getting my baby out of the car before it exploded. Realistically, my car was only smoking and every kind of liquid from the front end was pouring onto the pavement. 

I was on way my home planning to run a couple errands on the way. I took a different route than usual. The roads were really not that bad where I was driving.  That is until an oncoming car swerved into my lane to avoid rear-ending the car infront of her and hit me head on. The road was icy and she couldn't help sliding. Ayden cried on impact and my first instinct was to get him OUT OF THE CAR!  I jumped out and pulled his car seat out of the back. A really nice lady pulled over and let us get into her car and out of the negative below temperatures. I escaped with only chest, neck and back pain/soreness. 
I'm extremely thankful Ayden was ok. A head-on collision was the best way to hit for him facing backwards. I think the noise of the crash and the airbags scared him the most. Many car accidents end fatally. I get the shivers when I think of what really could have happened. 

My poor car "has a big boo-boo" according to Allie. I miss my car spent 11 years with me, beginning with right after Todd and I got married. It's driven me to work for my entire teaching career. It's hauled our stuff when we moved...twice. It's taken both our babies home from the hospital. I loved this car!  It was cute and small and just perfect for me. Although, over time I wished it had a third row seat and the technology to play my was a 2003. 

I'm sooooo extremely sad it's gone...just like that. But so extremely thankful we are both ok. Cars can be replaced...people can't. 

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