Friday, February 14, 2014

Love is in the Air

I LOVE our little family!!!  While Valentine's day is just another made up Hallmark holiday (as Todd tells me EVERY YEAR!)'s another fun holiday for me to tell my three lovies how much I cherish them.  It's also a super fun time of the year for everything pink and red ...and yummy heart sprinkled Dunkin Doughnuts.  
Last weekend Allie and I got to work making all our Valentine's.  Allie was little miss helper.  She helped me make my heart shaped crayons for my students.  She INSISTED on make ALL of Ayden's Valentine's...ALL by herself.  She glued little Valentine's dots onto the bottom of each Hershey Kiss. Then her and I baked up a batch of sugar cookies and she went to work putting lovely red, pink and white heart shaped sprinkles on each one.


Allie and Ayden's Valentine's for all their friends at day care...HOW FUN!!!  Allie was so excited to bring them in and pass them out....hers and Ayden's.
Valentine kisses from sweet little Ayden.  Yes, I know. He doesn't have a clue that he brought Valentine's for his brand new friends at day care...but everyone LOVED them with his super cute picture on the tag.
Valentine's day fell on a Friday this year which means that I came home from the craziness of a school valentine party.  I was very happy to spend the evening hanging out at home with my three favorite people making a yummy heart shaped pizza and watching my family open up a few small presents!!!

Ayden with his new book and a box of delicious yummy chocolates that I will enjoy on his behalf...he'll still get them...just not the usual way.  I'm pretty sure Ayden thought the best part of his present was the tissue paper!!
Allie was OVERYLY excited about some of her presents!  Hello Kitty SOCKS!!!!  BOX of CHOCOLATES!!!!  A super-fun bag with lots of fun things to take into RESTAURANTS!!!  WOW!!!  We told Allie she can ONLY use her bag when we go out to dinner.  I wanted to make sure it's an extra special thing for her to use when we need to keep our little one calm and quiet at the table. 


I love my husband.  I love my kiddos.  I love my home and life.  The best Valentine's present I could receive this Valentine's day (besides a million dollars that would allow me to stay home with my family all day, everyday) is to have some quality, stress-free time with the ones I love most.

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