Monday, February 17, 2014

Is It June Yet?

Going back to work is not easy. sucks!  I'm up at 5:30 (if I'm lucky enough to sleep until my alarm goes off) and I go, go, go until about which I head straight to bed and am usually asleep at 9:15.  There's not a single second to spare at work.  If I'm not running 100 MPH preparing something for my class, I'm pumping while I eat my lunch or grade papers or write this weeks newsletter.  It's hard...REALLY HARD!  I'm determined to make this work.  I WILL nurse Ayden until he's a year.  I don't want anyone telling me it's okay to stop, it's okay to give formula.  That's not what I want.  It CAN be done.  So I WILL make it happen.  I CAN DO THIS!  Someone please tell me often as possible.

I survived my first week, just barely. 

Day 1 - So sad to leave my babies (tears on the way to school...mother's guilt), work was a tornado.  It was like the first day of school in September all over again...exhausting!

Day 2 - I forgot Ayden's bottle bag and didn't realize it until I was at day care.  Meltdown (from me).  Thanks Nana for driving all the way to our house then to West Bloomfield. Ayden and I really appreciated it.

Day 3 - I accidentally kneed Allie under her chin when she walked right under me as I lifted my leg to put my sock on.  Meltdown (from her...and me).  Luckily there was no blood.

Day 4 - SHOULD have been a snow day (which I REALLY could have used), but no such luck.  Go figure.

Day 5 - TGIF...can't wait to spend quality time during the next 2 days with my babies...when I'm not sorting laundry, picking out Allie's clothes for the week, picking out my clothes for the week, completing a couple orders on Etsy, freezing milk, defrosting old milk, making bottles, making lunches for the week, planning the weeks dinner, grocery shopping, and cleaning the house.  My 2 full days of quality time turned into about 2 hours of quality time.

My week (and every other week from here on out) might have been miserable...but Ayden had a wonderful first week at day care. I'm so thankful that he is snuggled and cuddled when he's away from me. Thanks, Lynnie, Debbie and Ilene for keeping my little man and Allie happy and loved all day. Ayden loves the special attention he gets...especially when all the big kids are asleep and he has you all to himself to celebrate Lynnie's birthday!!!  Lucky guy!!

Only 18 more weeks to go...Is is June yet?!?!?

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