Thursday, February 27, 2014

A First I'd Like to Forget

With most firsts, there is an excitement or proud feeling a parent gets when their child accomplishes something for the first time. Ayden's first smile made my heart melt and his first giggle is a day I will never forget. 

It happened a lot sooner than I would have liked...Ayden caught a cough and runny nose and ended up with RSV. Luckily, he wasn't wheezing and didn't need breathing treatments. But, his cough was horrific. Poor thing. 

Over the past 2 weeks we've had a few first I'd like to forget and pretend never happened. I'd like to NOT remember his sad little face every time he coughed or couldn't breathe out of his nose. Or how I had to hold him down while he screamed and I poured medicine down his throat...I'm soooo terribly sorry. Or the day he SCREAMED for 2 hours before bed and nothing consoled him. OR the morning there was crazy snow and the roads were really bad and he screamed on the car ride ALL THE WAY to Allie's cheerleading competition...nightmare. My poor little mommy guilt is at an ultimate high. 

One little blessing throughout all of this is Ayden continued to sleep all night. I did put the swaddle back on him and gave him a shot of Benadryl before bed...thank you Ayden for allowing Mommy to sleep at night. I can take so much better care of you when I'm rested. 

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