Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Welcome 2014

Happy, HAPPY New Year!  This marks our first New Year's as a family of four.  Last night we made a little bit more of our "Christmas Punch" Allie liked so much...instead of sparkling juice (she wasn't a big fan last year). punch...big WINNER!  I added a skewer of 12 for each month of the new year.  Each sweet grape represents a GOOD month...and each sour represents a NOT so good month.  Allie's grapes were all sweet...she told me. 

Exactly ONE year ago, we started the tradition of our WISH BALLOONS.  Allie tells me her wish, I write it on her balloon, and we release them outside in hopes our wishes will come true in the new year.  Last year I too made a wish balloon...SECRETLY.  Here is Allie last new year's eve holding MY wish balloon.

I might be a little superstitious...but my wish for Baby Hammerick #2 came TRUE!  Happy New Year little Ayden!  I'm so glad I wished for you!

Today we made our wish balloons for 2014.  I made a wish on behalf of Ayden...I'm pretty sure that's what he would wish for.

I got out a few art supplies from my stash and Allie made herself a new year's hat last night.  She was SOOOOO excited to do our wish balloons today!


Bye, bye wish balloons...make all our wishes come true in 2014!  I'm looking forward to spending time with my family and creating more memories this year.  Happy New Year!

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