Thursday, January 9, 2014

Daddy's Girl

There was a time way back when (about two years ago) when Allie and I were best buddies. We did everything together. We cuddled and played together, we took naps together, we'd exercise, take walks, and had every meal together.  It seems that those days are long gone with my little buddy.  (Insert frown face.) There's a new Mama in town and he goes by the name of "Daddy."

When Ayden was born Allie's world turned upside down. Even though she adjusted very well and showed really no signs of jealousy...her typical day was not so typical anymore.  I wasn't there to give her the one-on-one, uninterrupted attention she had gotten for the past 2 1/2 years from me. There was another little body in the house that also needed attention.

Allie did what any sweet little two-year-old would do and willing found somebody else to be her new best friend. Todd and Allie have been best buddies since Ayden came around. She looks forward to him coming home every day...running to him, jumping into his arms, and giving him a big hug. Whatever he does...she wants to do with him. If given the option to do something with Mommy or Daddy, daddy is always her first choice.  Todd rarely gets any alone time when he's home because Allie will follow him EVERYWHERE. Even to the bathroom...There is no privacy for this daddy. 

Now me having the most extreme mommy guilt that exists, I'm having mixed emotions about this change.   I LOVE that she has such an awesome relationship with my husband, a relationship that Ayden will too have as he grows up. Mom's create such a special bond with their babies that I think Dad's don't always get to experience.  I'm happy that she has this special bond with him since I too was a daddy's girl growing up and have fond memories as a girl of my father.  However, I am honestly a tad bit saddened by this, as well.  Not only has my sweet little baby girl turned into this sometimes sassy three-year-old going on 13, but now my best friend that I spent every waking moment (and a lot of non-waking moments) with has a new love in her life.  Allie and I have spent a lot of time together these past three months with me being home on my maternity leave with Ayden, but it's just different time now. It's been wonderful, yet extremely challenging and exhausting being home with two children.  I love these two snugglers, but every mom knows raising a respectful, responsible little one is TOUGH!  I'm going to miss my little lovies even more when I go back to work in the next couple weeks...but at least my mind will be a little bit more at ease knowing that if I'm not around, Allie will be A-OK with having her Daddy there to fill the void.


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