Sunday, January 19, 2014

Baptism Day

Today Ayden was cherished and valued as God's own...he was baptized.  We are so very lucky and fortunate to have Mark and Kathleen as Allie's godparents...and now Ayden's godparents, as well.  We love you guys and are so thankful you are in both our kiddos lives.  Thanks a bunch for being such a good role models for Allie.  We're so grateful Ayden will also have two wonderful people to look up with along side his big sister.
Ayden was calm, cool and collected during the ceremony.  He was happy to be Mom's arms.

When it came time for the pouring of water, Ayden acted like it was another bath.  He just laid there and rinsed off...happy as could be.  Good job, buddy!

Ayden was then clothed in his white outfit.  My pure and innocent baby boy.

Ayden with his godparents

Ayden's outfit was a little silk fancy onesie with matching vest and bonnet.  He had little white shoes too.  He was adorable! 

Back at home we had a very small reception at our house to celebrate Ayden.  Everything was decorated in white, blue and brown.  Lots of food and yummy treats.
Ayden's baptism invitation

The dessert table was super adorable.  Lots of crosses, doves, and sweet yummy desserts.  Brownies, cake pops, cross sugar cookies, chocolate covered pretzels and jelly beans.  Cute waters too!


Thanks everyone for coming and for your love, gifts and presence in Ayden's life.  He is so blessed to have you.  He looks forward to growing up into a well behaved, kind, and responsible little guy.  He's so glad you could share in his special day.  A day we will celebrate every year on January 19th...his BAPTISM BIRTHDAY!


Monday, January 13, 2014

Ayden is 4 Months

Ayden is doing so many new things.  He loves to lay on his playmat and grab the dangling toys.  He looks at himself in the mirror and talks and talks.  Ayden is drinking his bottles much faster and he only takes about 30 minutes to nurse now.  This month, Todd and I let Ayden cry when he woke up in the middle of the night.  On the third night, he didn't wake up at all and slept through the night.  Ayden started sleeping from 9:15pm to about 6:00am.  We were very happy!  Ayden loves to cuddle and would like to spend his entire day in my arms.  He likes to be carried around the Bjorn and Ergo carriers.  Ayden had his 4 month well visit this month and weighed 12 pounds, 9 ounces. He also had his next round of immunizations and was very crabby and attached to me for the next couple days.

Saturday, January 11, 2014

Allie's First Cheer Competition

My little Allie girl is following in her momma's footsteps. This little girl makes one cute cheerleader!  For the past couple months Allie had been going to cheer practice at a gym that is super close to our house (lucky for us). She's been in gymnastics classes and swim classes for the past year and a half...but she had no idea what a cheerleader was (even though she pretended she did). I pulled up a couple cheer videos on YouTube and asked her if she would like to do what those girls are doing. "YES!"

So, while I'm off on my maternity leave I figured now was as good of a time as ever to get her involved. Cheer gyms take girls as young as TWO!! long as they're potty trained...can't have a bubble butt in your boots shorts. 

Allie has been enjoying going to cheer practice. The first couple times it took her a good 30 minutes to get warmed up to our coach and her new teammates. But now she looks forward to going to practice. 

All those Sunday practices led up to our first cheer competition. Another first for Allie. I was more of a nervous wreck than her...and a little emotional. I got a little teary-eyed watching the team perform with their uniforms on the night before. I was so proud of her...she IS the youngest on the team. Even though she has a helper, thanks Diya, Allie does her moves and SOMETIMES remembers where to go when she changes formations. 

Allies MWX uniform is the cutest thing ever!  She wanted to sleep in it the night before the competition!!  She loves the sparkles!  

Go SNAP POPS!!!  Check out that stunt!

Watch my jump!  I'm all smiles!!

Time for some tumbling!!  I'm a pro at this forward roll. 

They had an adorable ending!  Allie loved walking around in a circle and falling to the ground as Kohen blew a kiss to the judges. Soooo cute!!!

Allie was so proud of were Todd and I. I'm amazed at how well she did. I'll be honest...I for sure thought she was going to trip on the mat on her way out on stage, OR have to go to the bathroom just before their team was called out there. She did great!

Allie was so proud of her medal and hung it up in her room when she for home.  GO ALLIE!!  You're going to make one awesome cheerleader!!! 

Thursday, January 9, 2014

Daddy's Girl

There was a time way back when (about two years ago) when Allie and I were best buddies. We did everything together. We cuddled and played together, we took naps together, we'd exercise, take walks, and had every meal together.  It seems that those days are long gone with my little buddy.  (Insert frown face.) There's a new Mama in town and he goes by the name of "Daddy."

When Ayden was born Allie's world turned upside down. Even though she adjusted very well and showed really no signs of jealousy...her typical day was not so typical anymore.  I wasn't there to give her the one-on-one, uninterrupted attention she had gotten for the past 2 1/2 years from me. There was another little body in the house that also needed attention.

Allie did what any sweet little two-year-old would do and willing found somebody else to be her new best friend. Todd and Allie have been best buddies since Ayden came around. She looks forward to him coming home every day...running to him, jumping into his arms, and giving him a big hug. Whatever he does...she wants to do with him. If given the option to do something with Mommy or Daddy, daddy is always her first choice.  Todd rarely gets any alone time when he's home because Allie will follow him EVERYWHERE. Even to the bathroom...There is no privacy for this daddy. 

Now me having the most extreme mommy guilt that exists, I'm having mixed emotions about this change.   I LOVE that she has such an awesome relationship with my husband, a relationship that Ayden will too have as he grows up. Mom's create such a special bond with their babies that I think Dad's don't always get to experience.  I'm happy that she has this special bond with him since I too was a daddy's girl growing up and have fond memories as a girl of my father.  However, I am honestly a tad bit saddened by this, as well.  Not only has my sweet little baby girl turned into this sometimes sassy three-year-old going on 13, but now my best friend that I spent every waking moment (and a lot of non-waking moments) with has a new love in her life.  Allie and I have spent a lot of time together these past three months with me being home on my maternity leave with Ayden, but it's just different time now. It's been wonderful, yet extremely challenging and exhausting being home with two children.  I love these two snugglers, but every mom knows raising a respectful, responsible little one is TOUGH!  I'm going to miss my little lovies even more when I go back to work in the next couple weeks...but at least my mind will be a little bit more at ease knowing that if I'm not around, Allie will be A-OK with having her Daddy there to fill the void.


Monday, January 6, 2014

The Baby Bible

When I was just a Mommy to one little Hammerick baby, I kept a journal of our daily joys, milestones and obstacles.  Every few days I wrote down what was going on in Allie's life...whether it was her rolling over for the first time, a change in the sound of her cry, or how many times I was getting up to feed her in the middle of the night.  Everyone told me that when the second baby came around I wouldn't be doing all the things I did with the first.  I didn't believe them.  I can do it!!!  He should have what she had!  Well...I'm throwing in the towel on this one.  There is just no time, no way that I would be able to write like that now as I did with Allie.  I am going to give myself a little bit of credit however...I do have a good portion of his baby book completed!  Go me!  ...and I'm taking his sticky bellie monthly photos on time!  Go me, again!  ...AND I'm continuing to blog about our family adventures which do include my little man.  So...I do believe that deserves a pat on the back.  Although I won't be writing a novel in a journal about Ayden, his milestones and many memories will be recorded.

The journal I kept about Allie has come in quite handy.  Doing this baby thing the first time around, I felt like I had no idea what I was doing.  I couldn't go to my mom for advice about what I did as a baby.  Luckily she was admit about completing MY baby book for me (the second child) to look back in for some information.  I could only ask Todd's mom what he was like as a baby. 

A couple weeks back I had a big PANIC moment about going back to work and this kid NOT sleeping through the night yet.  Allie slept through at 13 weeks old.  Ayden was 16 weeks!  WHY IS HE NOT SLEEPING ALL NIGHT YET?!?!?  I know it's normal...blaaah-blaah-blah...but I have to work, unfortunately.  So, I got out my baby bible...Allie's journal I kept.  I found that this was the time I switched up her daily feeding schedule and we let her cry-it-out at night.  So, that's what I did. 

The next day I stretched out Ayden's feedings, put him to bed earlier, and let him cry for 30 minutes when he woke up at 3:30...and again for another 30 minutes at 4:10.  It sucked, I hated every single minute of it.  I heard every whine and every whimper.  BUT...when he woke up the next night at 3:45, he only cried for 4 minutes.  A week has gone by and some nights he will go all night without waking...others he will just wake later in the morning, but put himself back to sleep.  He still likes to be swaddled once he's asleep (I have to wait until he falls asleep to swaddle him up, otherwise he fights it and wants out, lol). 

Ayden has 6 feedings a day now and takes 4 naps during the day anywhere from 2 hours to 45 min.  My alarm goes off every morning at 6:00 am and I wake up Ayden. It's important for him to start his day at the same time (I picked 6:00 because that is the time I will need to get him up to feed him when I go back to work).  Many may thing my maternity leave is a vacation...there is no sleeping in here for me though.  I'll sacrifice sleeping in if it gets my baby to sleep all night.  Ayden's daily schedule goes something like this...

6:00 am - EATS, plays
7:30 am - nap till next feeding (Sometimes I'm lucky enough to nap too!)
9:30ish am - EATS, plays
11:00ish am - nap
1:00ish - EATS, plays
3:00 - naps
4:00 - EATS, plays
6:15 - naps
7:00 - EATS, plays
9:00 - bedtime routine, 6 oz BOTTLE
9:30ish - sleep for the night

I'm so very glad (and thankful) I have my BABY BIBLE to look back at.  It's good to know all my hours of journaling is helping me NOW.  I realize every child is different and Ayden might not do what Allie did at a particular time, but Ayden's sleep is improving...all because my baby bible gave me the answer I was looking for.

Saturday, January 4, 2014

Artist Allie

Allie has been working on writing her name.  The "A" is definitely the hardest part of her name for her.  Here is Allie's handwritten name and self portrait at 3 years old.  

Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Welcome 2014

Happy, HAPPY New Year!  This marks our first New Year's as a family of four.  Last night we made a little bit more of our "Christmas Punch" Allie liked so much...instead of sparkling juice (she wasn't a big fan last year). punch...big WINNER!  I added a skewer of 12 for each month of the new year.  Each sweet grape represents a GOOD month...and each sour represents a NOT so good month.  Allie's grapes were all sweet...she told me. 

Exactly ONE year ago, we started the tradition of our WISH BALLOONS.  Allie tells me her wish, I write it on her balloon, and we release them outside in hopes our wishes will come true in the new year.  Last year I too made a wish balloon...SECRETLY.  Here is Allie last new year's eve holding MY wish balloon.

I might be a little superstitious...but my wish for Baby Hammerick #2 came TRUE!  Happy New Year little Ayden!  I'm so glad I wished for you!

Today we made our wish balloons for 2014.  I made a wish on behalf of Ayden...I'm pretty sure that's what he would wish for.

I got out a few art supplies from my stash and Allie made herself a new year's hat last night.  She was SOOOOO excited to do our wish balloons today!


Bye, bye wish balloons...make all our wishes come true in 2014!  I'm looking forward to spending time with my family and creating more memories this year.  Happy New Year!