Monday, December 9, 2013

Time For Your Check Up

Doc McStuffins is one of Allie's new favorite TV shows. After receiving a COUPLE Doc McStuffins dress up doctor coats and sets of doctor tools...Allie was more than exited to head to her doctor's office for her three year check up.

Allie is as healthy as can be...AND she is FINALLY back on the growth curve (she fell off at her first birthday and has been struggling to get back on ever since). Allie is still a petite little thing. She weighs 25.6 pounds and is 35 invhes tall. (4% for weight and 13% for height). Allie used her new doctor tools at her check up and Dr. Economy's too!  Hoping for another happy and HEALTHY year number THREE.

Back at home Allie practiced her doctor skills on Ayden.  He very happily cooperated.


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