Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Santa Visits the D

Every year Todd's office has a Christmas party for the kiddos (usually on a weekday...during the day). Since I was on maternity leave this year, we ALL got to go!

The main attraction was, of course, SANTA!!!  He was our first stop. Ayden loved just snuggling up with must have been his soft red suit or his fuzzy long beard. Allie, on the other hand) wasn't so sure.


She perked up a bit though when Mrs. Claus brought over some presents for her and Ayden. The Claus' gave Allie a brand new Doc McStuffins game for her Mobigo and Ayden got a new Mickey Christmas book.

Allie made two super cute ornaments..."I looove crafts!" (Allie's words)...just like her mommy. Her pine one tree ornament and her Popsicle stick reindeer ornament were definitely keepers. 

Pizza for lunch and cupcakes for dessert. What a great way for Todd to spend a Wednesday. 

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