Sunday, December 1, 2013

More Surprises

Another surprise! Yet again this morning. That little elf has a lot of fun tricks up her little red elf sleeves. We found Belle sitting on our counter today next to something brand new. She strung up a bunch of little festive bags. Boy has she been busy at the North Pole making all these Christmas bags.  What a CUTE advent calendar!  All the bags were all empty...we looked in every single one...except the very FIRST bag (for December 1st).

Inside was a little elf note saying, "Happy Birthday, Allie!!!  Enjoy your birthday party!"  Belle left Allie a little elf birthday present too...a lollipop. 

So every day for the next 24 days, we get to look forward a little elf surprise. I wonder what that little elf will put in tomorrow's bag?


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