Sunday, December 15, 2013

Merry Christmas Cards 2013

My attempt to take this year's Christmas card photo was quite successful.  I'm pretty proud of myself, once again.  After dropping off Allie at day care one day, Ayden and I ventured to Home Depot where I picked up some peel and stick laminate flooring for a super discounted price because the box had been opened.  I brought it home and while he napped, I made a make-shift studio floor to put in my living room where the light comes in best.  I hung up some chevron green fabric from my mantel and placed an old piece of crown molding down....WHAAA-LAAA!!!  Instant my living room. Now I just needed two little friends to cooperate for me. 

Amazingly, Allie and Ayden did just that.  Ayden laid so nicely and didn't cry, while Allie laughed at me because I was yelling at her to stop touching the ornaments and sit still.  I got the perfect smile from her. 

With a little time playing in Photoshop, I made this adorable card...ALL on my own!  Go me! 

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