Sunday, December 1, 2013

Happy 3rd Birthday Party, Princess Allie

About a year ago, Allie saw her first ever episode of Sofia the First. From then on, it has been her most popular request of what she wants to watch on TV. Allie fell in love with Sofia.  We have every episode saved on our DVR. We've watched it almost every single night for the past year!

Allie's birthday party planning started way back in the summer. When I didn't have to work and I didn't have a newborn. Every few days or so Allie would play in her playroom and I would craft away...creating something precious and purple for her princess birthday party. I knew in a few short months Sofia would be blowing up the toy isle at Target and have a whole section at Party City. But it didn't matter...because I wanted to make something unique for my pretty little soon to be three year old princess. 

The royal Hammerick family from the kingdom of Novi

Allie wore her Sofia tutu dress and matching headband I made for her. I made her birthday hat as well. 
She wasn't the only one royally dressed for her party.  Prince Ayden wore his fancy purple bow tie and suspenders, topped off with a crochet crown. He was absolutely adorable!  

Allie's birthday party was held in our basement. My chalkboard came in handy at the party. It was the first thing Allie's guests saw when they walked downstairs.


The birthday table was perfectly purple!  Our TV showed a picture of Allie from her princess photo shoot. The spread included princess popcorn, King Roland's cupcakes, Sofia's tiara shaped peanut butter and jelly sandwiches, chocolate covered magical marshmallows (a huge hit with the kiddos), Cedic's chocolate covered pretzel wands, Queen Miranda's any-kind-of-purple-candy (M&M's, jelly bellies, mints, Dum Dum suckers, purple twizzlers, Mike-n-Ike's), the fairy's fruit (purple grapes and pineapple), Clover's carrots, and princess cookies (thanks again Shelly for making the best tasting and decorated cookies EVER!!!)


I made The cake came out better than I ever expected!  The tutu for the cake stand was the perfect finishing touch for a princess cake. 

Allie's number three birthday candle was made using glitter glue and random purple beads. Now that's a princess birthday candle!

I found those mini tiaras for the cupcakes at a Target on clearance!!!

Super yummy and perfectly purple princess cookies. Thanks again Shelly for taking the time to make them for us!!  They were a BIG hit!!  ...and delicious!


No part of my children's birthday party is complete without a happy birthday banner. 


The thank you table had lots of purple candy and a star shaped rice Krispy wand for each guest. 


Thank you Kathleen (aka: Nana) for making all the favors. They were perfect!!!

Around the basement I used all the Sofia toys Allie had accumulated over the past couple months and for early birthday presents. She had Sofia puzzles, purple Sofia dress up shoes, a Sofia talking doll, a plush Clover, and Sofia's magical amulet.

Sparkly, purple Pom Pom topiaries were placed all over and a few other fun purple flowers and tiaras were sprinkled here and there. I bought white photo frames from Ikea and put different Sofia themed signs in them. These frames will come in handy for future parties too!


Royal princess water for our royal guests. Only the best!

I LOVE these super cute old fashion milk bottles and purple and white straws!  Our royal guests drank ice cold milk in them. 

Allie's friends had plenty to do. If they weren't having a ball in the play room, they could make an amulet bead necklace just like Sofia's and a princess tiara or a prince crown for the boys. Guests could also visit Clover's coloring corner and color a specially made Sofia packet containing many fun and educational activities (it's the teacher in me). 

The king and the prince...and the princess.

Allie was so excited, and a bit shy at the same time when all her friends showed up at the door. 

Having some yummy treats with her good friends.

Time to sing "Happy Birthday" to my special princess...

...and blow out the candle!

Allie has gotten really good at opening gifts lately. She received so many nice things she LOVED!  Some of her favorites where anything Doc McStuffins (puzzles, stuffed animals, and dress up goodies), a Sofia dress up pack, matching games, a cool glow-in-the-dark pillow pet, an awesome scooter,  a cupcake play set, and some new cute clothes. 

Thanks everyone for sharing in Allie's special day. It meant a lot that so many of her close friends and family could be a part of it with us. She loves all of you and we are thankful each and every one if you are in our lives. 


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