Friday, December 6, 2013

F-F-F-Freeeezing Fun Times

That smarty pants elf we have knows all the fun things going on around town.  She told us that we should go to the tree lighting celebration at city hall.  So, Allie an I bundled up in our snow pants and mittens and braved the freezing temperatures...leaving Todd and Ayden at home to snuggle in the warm indoors.

At the celebration we saw Santa and one of his fearless reindeer.  Allie was terrified of him and wouldn't go near him. 

When our fingers were frozen we headed indoors for some yummy food.  After filling up on Olga's snackers, pizza and stir fry, we headed for some arts and crafts fun. 

Back outside we roasted some marshmallows for a s'more, sipped some hot cocoa (yummy salted caramel latte for me), and looked at the big tree that "Lit Up the Night". Allie liked the candy canes that lit up too...sooo cool!

We hopped on the hay ride for a quick cruise over to the library to warm up. 

We saw Ms. Catherine inside!  Ms. Catherine leads story time that Allie attends with Nana on most Tuesdays.  Allie wasn't so sure it was her at first and was a little apprehensive to talk to her. Ms. Catherine was dressed as Mother Goose and she was kind enought to let Allie hold her goose. 

The library also had lots of yummy cookies and popcorn to eat. Allie saw Austin there and they made an ornament. 

Allie's big hurrah of the night was riding on the Choo-Choo-Train before we rode the hay ride back with frozen fingers and toes. Look at those two cuties there on the train!  Allie had so much fun waving to me as she chugged on by. Chooo-choooo!!!  Brrrr!!!!

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