Monday, December 23, 2013

Bye, Bye Belle

As Christmas Eve approaches, our elf Belle's visit is drawing to an end. She will pack up her jingle bells soon and head back to the North Pole. We've all enjoyed having Belle around spying on us. Allie was a little afraid of her in the beginning, but now the first thing that she wants to do after getting out of bed is see what Belle left her in today's bag...and then find out where she's hiding. 

Belle appears to have had a good time these past few weeks in our home. She's found some fun toys to play with...

...snatched some yummy treats up from our pantry...


...and decorated our kitchen one morning with Christmas bows!

Belle brought a couple little gifts for Allie during her stay with us. Allie found Christmas sticker sheets a couple different days in her surprise bags, a letter here and there, a coloring sheet, and sometimes a Christmas craft to do.  Belle even surprised Allie with her very own nativity set that she could play with. Allie is learning what Christmas is really about. 

In her Christmas bags (she opened up one each day) Belle always left a note, and usually a little sweet treat too (Christmas candy corn, Hershey kisses, lollipops, marshmallows or candy canes).  Belle's notes to Allie told her what activity to do that day. She told us to go to the tree lighting celebrating, the christmas wonderfest, and the light festival. Belle told us to have breakfast with Santa.  She told us make a Christmas card for Santa and make christmas cookies too. She kept us busy this Christmas season!

Belle's note one day told us to make snowman pizza for dinner...

...and another day told us to make reindeer sandwiches for lunch (butter and jelly, Allie's favorite)!

My favorite was when she told us to have a family movie night and make Merry Munch...YUM!


The Hanmerick's sure are going to miss Belle when she flies back to the North Pole on Christmas morning. She's made many merry memories this Christmas season for us.

Bye, bye travels back to the North Pole. 

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