Friday, December 13, 2013

Ayden is 3 Months

Ayden is becoming quite the little drooler at 3 months old.  He's blowing bubbles here and there and leaving big wet marks on mine and Todd shoulders when we carry him around.  Ayden is smiling a TON and giggling too.  He has a couple ticklish spots that seem to always make him smile.  He likes to have "conversations" with whomever is around...he "talks" a lot.  Ayden loves sitting in his bouncy seat.  He likes to listen to his big sister read stories to him.  He really likes to be held and nap in anyone's arms.  I put Ayden on a schedule in hopes he would start sleeping longer at night.  He sleeps around 7 hours at night, but will wake up a couple times around 3-4:00 am.  I give him his pacifier and he usually goes back to sleep until around 5-6:00 am.  He eats every three hours at 6, 9, noon, 3, 6, and 8...and at 9:30ish he gets a bottle of milk.  Ayden has a hard time going to sleep for the night and is usually fussy right before bed.

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