Sunday, December 1, 2013

Allie Turns THREE

Three years ago I gave birth to my first born. A little baby girl that before this day only existed in my dreams. Allie is growing into a sweet, funny, loving, yet stubborn little girl.

Allie is now finally going to bed on her own!!!  She still likes to come into our room at night, but we are making progress. Allie doesn't like to nap anymore, and will play quietly or read during "quiet time".  She is still shy when meeting new people but only takes a few minutes to warm up to new faces. Allie loves to go to day care and play with her friends. Allie likes to go to gymnastics and recently started going to cheerleading. She struggled with adjusting to swim class when she went in the water by herself. But, after 7 or so weeks, finally started to like it again. She just hates going under water. Allie is fully potty trained and will even go on the potty in the middle of the night...sometimes twice...or more!  Allie's favorite food is BUTTER!  She loves butter and jelly sandwiches, and butter on any kind of bread. Allie also likes wheat thin crackers, chocolate milk, candy corn, peas, apples, and pomegranate. Allie likes to ride her bike and push her dolls in her toy stroller outside. She enjoys coloring, playing with her Tabeo (she calls it her iPad), watching Disney Jr. and anything that has to do with Sofia the First. Allie loves to play with her dolls.

Allie opened her birthday gift from us a little early before her birthday party.  We figured there would be so much going on at her party and she would be overwhelmed...we decided to let her have her gift early.

He gift consisted of three presents this year.  First, she opened a box and pulled out a baby boy Cabbage Patch doll.  She simply just stared at him taking in her new doll before I told her to keep looking...deeper inside the box lay another Cabbage Patch doll...a girl.  How sweet she was hugging her twin babies.  The very same thing I used to do to these very same dolls.  I was in LOVE with  anything Cabbage Patch.  The most popular toy dolls of the 80's!  I realize these doll are not quite at popular these days, but Allie just loves being a little any baby doll.

The second part of her gift was a couple of matching outfits for each of her dolls.  The outfits were ones my mom had sewn for me when I was little.  I often think of how much my mom would have loved to be a grandma to this little girl.  She would have made her a matching out too if she were still here. My mom was a spectacular seamstress and made so many clothes and outfits for me, my Cabbage Patch's and my Barbies.  Over the next couple years, Allie will inherit many more vintage goodies that are under lock and key.

The final part of her gift was a VINTAGE double Cabbage Patch stroller...PERFECT for Allie!  Allie just LOVES pushing her strollers around and this will be no exception.  This stroller has been well loved in the past, but it has a lot of good years a head of it.  Look at that sweet, smiling face!


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