Friday, November 29, 2013

Special Delivery From the North Pole

LOOK! what we found on our doorstep today!!!  The doorbell rang and no one was there to be found...but this package was!  Dropped by Santa's sleigh from the North Pole....specially for Allie.

Allie didn't know quite what to think. Her little blue eyes sparkled when I told her Santa was the person responsible for this big box laying on our porch. We drug it inside and Allie couldn't wait to open it up. 

Inside the package, Allie found a letter from the big jolly guy himself, and a special present just for her...that resembled Santa perfectly. He must have wrapped it himself. Allie was so excited!!! No time to pause for a photo, Mom. 

Todd read the letter to Allie. She opened her gift. Allie was amazed to see one of Santa's little elves in the flesh.  This particular elf was a girl elf. She wore a white and red skirt, a bow on her cap, and little diamond stud earrings.

We all learned that this special elf chosen just for Allie needed a name. Allie thought for a couple minutes and finally announced the name her elf. Shewould be called...BELLE (just like the princess).

Allie held her elf for a couple minutes (because her magic would come tonight).  As a family, we read Elf on the Shelf and started a Christmas tradition to last many more years.  Todd and I took turns reading the book to Allie while she loved on Belle...she rocked her and kissed her. 

Giving Belle kisses

After she found out what Belle's main job was, Allie got a little freaked out.  She asked "why" about a million-and-one times.  "Why is she magical?"  "Why does she leave at night?"  Why does she tell Santa?"  I placed Belle up on our mantel and Allie sort of just stared at her.

Before Allie went to bed, I asked her if she wanted Belle to sleep in her room with her tonight.  Her reply..."No!"

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