Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Quality Time

When Allie was this age, we had a strict daily routine. Wake up at 6:00 am, feed every 3 hours, play and nap in between (nap for me too). Before turning in for the night Todd and I would give Allie a little baby massage, read a couple bedtime stories, and I would sing a song to her for her bedtime routine. Allie received a lot of attention from us and there was plenty of time for her and I to bond. 

Poor Ayden's day goes something like this...

Wake up whenever because I just want to sleep for as long as possible. I know when I get up for the day...I'm up for the day. I'm usually not lucky enough to get a nap anymore because Allie has been refusing to take a nap (insert big momma frown face). 

Ayden still eats every 3 hours like Allie did...or every 2 hours because I've had to cut him short on his previous feeding. If Allie needed me to go to the bathroom with her, or get her ice for another injury, or scrounge up something to eat for lunch.

Ayden's "playtime" consists of me trying to keep him alive from his loving big sissy. Allie loves him so much she is in face and in top if him whenever the opportunity arises. She doesn't understand the concept of personal space quite yet. I also don't think she really knows how fragile he is. 

Ayden's bedtime routine consists of him nursing, me pumping, him nursing again all while telling Allie to get back in 12 times. He does get to hear an occasional story if I read to Allie and him before she goes down. No baby massages happening with this one. 

Our quality time happens at about 3:00 am when he wakes up for his feeding at night. As much as I HATE waking up at 3:00, 2:00, or even 1:30 am...I love sitting and cuddling my baby boy in the peace and quiet with absolutely no interruptions. Ayden and I have a special mommy and son daily the weee hours of EVERYmorning.

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