Saturday, November 30, 2013

North Pole Breakfast

Belle brought Allie a special breakfast today, North Pole style!!  Was Allie excited as ever!!!  You should have seen her face when her eyes first gazed upon our kitchen table.

The table was decked out with Christmas cheer. Red and green everything. 

Allie found a letter written to her...

On the menu this morning...snowball doughnuts!  Allie's new favorite beverage, hot cocoa with marshmallows...and her new favorite treat, peppermint chocolate kisses...and Christmas candy corn too!  She probably ate about 6-7 kisses and a handful of candy corn before I got her take a bite of her doughnut.  She's got a sweet tooth just like her mommy!

Belle brought a few little gifts this morning for Allie...and she even thought of Ayden too. That sweet little elf. Allie loved her new Christmas Hello Kitty socks and candy came M&M's. Ayden got a new Rudolph rattle to help ring in the Christmas spirit for his very first holiday season.  Allie made sure to bring it right to him.

Such a sweet big sister to make sure Ayden had his new toy

Check out those cool Hello Kitty socks!

Something else we noticed next to the table was a Christmas crate full of presents!!! Belle left instructions for Allie to choose one present a day...a wrapped Christmas book. Belle was pretty sneaky and came into our house one night to collect all of Allie's Christmas books. She wrapped up each book. Allie gets to choose one book each day to open and enjoy.

Allie, of course, wanted to open a book right away.  Her first response...
Allie - "I want to open another one."
Me - "You can only open one today."
Allie - "But I already have this book."
Me - "Belle said she took all your Christmas books and wrapped them up."
Allie - "But now I don't have any Christmas books."
She thinks of everything!

The Christmas book basket

Thanks, Belle...for an awesome first North Pole breakfast!  We are going to look forward to your arrival every year!


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