Saturday, November 2, 2013

Allie the First

These photos are WAY overdue...but I had to wait to until I sent out Allie's birthday invitations before I revealed them. 
WAAAYYY back in July, my good friend and family photographer, Denise Cantrell took Allie's birthday photos for her 3rd birthday invitation.  I had to have her photographed then because Denise and her family moved back to the south where they are originally from.  I'm so sad she is no longer in Michigan...and can no longer take our photos.  She was WONDERFUL with Allie and Allie cooperated sooooo well with Denise.  It's going to be really hard to replace her. 
I came across a super cute Sofia inspired tutu dress on Etsy one day...and thought to myself, "I can make that!"  So I did!  Allie's full Sofia ensemble was made by me!  She loves her princess Sofia dress and plans on wearing it for her royal birthday celebration!

I can't believe Allie will be THREE in a few short weeks!  It seems only yesterday my dream of becoming a mommy came true when I found out I was pregnant.  At that time, I could have NEVER pictured being the mommy of a THREE year old.  Those little tiny babies do grow up!

Here's the money shot!  This is the photo that went on Allie's birthday invitation.  Can't wait for the big birthday-day!

front of invite

back of invite


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