Tuesday, October 1, 2013

The Halloween Spirit

It's that time of year again...HALLOWEEN!!!  My two little pumpkins helped me get into the Halloween spirit. 

Dressed in our Halloween attire, Allie, Ayden and I decorated the Hammerick house.  Allie had a ball digging through our orange and black bin packed full with bats, spiders, and black cats.  New to the Hammerick Halloween décor this year are 5 awesome monogrammed pumpkins for our porch.  Aren't they super cool?!?  I first came across them on Etsy...but I could make these myself!
Todd and I surprised Allie with a fun Halloween bag with lots of Halloween activities and goodies.  Allie's favorite thing in her surprise bag was a book that sings the Monster Mash.  Sorry, Ayden...you will get your bag next year when you are a little bit bigger.  For now Allie will happily play her new book for you...over and over again.

Listening to her new book

For Halloween this year, Allie decided that she wanted to be "A Good Little Witch."  When I was searching through our Halloween costume bins I happen to come across a vintage black witch hat that I wore when I was about 3 years old.  My mom saved EVERYTHING!!!  Allie tried it on and her costume idea was born.  There was no dress that went with the witch hat, so I looked up some ideas on line and made some matching accessories.  A witch tutu and broom...and some adorable CLEARANCE leg warmers I found on-line for $3 (whoo-hoo!)...and WHAAA-LAAA!  A good little witch! 

Allie named herself "The Good Little Witch" from her favorite show, Sofia the First.  There was an episode where a not so nice witch turned good with the help of her new friend, Sofia. 

Happy Halloween

Ayden is our little pumpkin for his very first Halloween.  I couldn't think of a better accompaniment for his big sissy.  His outfit is cozy and warm...just what we need because Halloween night is probably going to be FREEZING!

My snuggly little pumpkin

Allie and I carved our Halloween pumpkin together.  She decided her pumpkin should have circle eyes, a triangle nose, and 3 teeth.  It came out perfect!

We are all set for trick-or-treating fun this October!  Have a Happy Hammerick Halloween!!!

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