Sunday, October 6, 2013

Super Mom

Adjusting to a newborn all over again wasn't as quite of a cultural shock as it was the first time around. I was already not sleeping well with this pregnancy so waking up every three hours at night to feed was no big deal. I remember with Allie I was so sleep deprived I never knew what time of day it was.  I was always napping when I could. I am able to change a diaper and dress Ayden in about three minutes flat as opposed to taking half a day.  I was terrified I was going to hurt Allie putting a onesie on her.  This time around I know how to nurse, pump...and nurse AND pump at the same time (so much faster to do it at the same time, lol). 

However, what has been a big adjustment is caring for a newborn while I'm still responsible for a toddler.  When everyone says "sleep when the baby sleeps"...that just doesn't mean anything this time around.
I've had to figure out many things these past few which screaming child to attend to first.  Someone is always crying and I'm usually neglecting one of my children.  I've had to learn how to get all three of us up, fed, clean, dressed, and out the door on time.  I was a little terrified the first time I ventured out with both littles as I pictured Ayden crying in his car seat and Allie either running away from me laughing or laying down in the middle of the floor at Target throwing a tantrum.  I've learned how to feed Ayden while making a peanut butter and jelly sandwich for Allie. I've managed to teach Allie how to not suffocate her brother when she wants to give him a hug (we are still working on giving Ayden his personal space). I can do all of these things while making two little kiddos feel loved and special each and every long as they both cooperate at night and give me a little bit of shut eye. 
Although, Allie watches a little more TV than I would like...and dinner is usually take out or something up we can throw in the microwave to heat up...I'm living my dream of being a mom.  Not only to one special Hammerick, but now to TWO!  In my mind I'm SUPER MOM.  I'm figuring it all and I've only managed to cry one time, lol...or maybe two.  But these two little ones are worth the tears.

My sweet Allie girl taking such good care of her brother

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