Tuesday, October 29, 2013


Ayden will have many firsts in his little life.  Last night was documented as his first cold...stuffy nose, loud breather, have to sleep upright in the bouncy seat, cold. This first was bound to happen.  I just didn't think it would happen so soon.  Allie has had a runny nose the past 3 days and no matter how close of an eye I keep on her, she is constantly in Ayden's face...giving him every germ she's picked up from daycare for his fragile little immune system to fight off. 

After listening to him struggle to breath half the night, we ventured downstairs to the couch where I could lay close to him in the bouncy seat without having to physically get up every time that pesky binky fell out if his mouth. Someone really needs to invent a no-fall-out-of-baby's-mouth binky. Luckily,  Ayden snoozed pretty well after that as long as he was on an incline.  I fiiiiiinnaallllyyyy fell back asleep...that is until Allie started crying upstairs because I was nowhere to be found. It was another night and day of exhaustion for me. 

With the not-so-pleasant firsts come the firsts that a mommy will always remember and cherish...the firsts that are kept way back in a secret place in mommy's heart, even up until her child's wedding day. 

This week Ayden started smiling.  It was probably gas smiles, but every time I see his little gummy smile I immediately forget how tired I am and just enjoy the precious little moment of my happy baby. Of course I whip out my phone for the perfect cheesy grin photo...but get NOTHING. I still remember when Allie smiled for the very first time. That little mommy moment is kept way back in my heart's secret place...and now Ayden's first smile memory was just added to it. 

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