Sunday, October 13, 2013

Ayden is 1 Month

Every month for 24 months Allie and I had a little photo shoot on her monthly birthday.  And it's only fair that what I do for Allie I MUST do for Ayden as well...I'm just finding it's a LOT harder to keep up this time around. 

Ayden and I had our first Sticky Bellie photo shoot in the hospital after he was born.  When I purchased the stickers for Allie the "Just Born" sticker was not included.  I have to say...I like the new addition with hospital bands and all.  I wish I would have brought some cute photo props or a little outfit that would have matched his sticker.  I wasn't very prepared.  In fact, this was the only onesie I brought to the hospital that fit him! 

Ayden's first month of life was filled with lots of adventures...the cider mill, dinner, shopping, and to Nana and Papa's house for a few visits. Ayden was such a good boy riding in the car but didn't like when the car stopped.  Lots of friends and family came to meet Ayden after he came home from the hospital. Ayden liked to lay on his play mats and look at the toys.  He liked to sit on the bouncy seat at night when he was cranky as long as someone bounced him. Ayden slept about three hours at night before he was hungry again. Ayden liked when his sister held him. She kissed and hugged him all much Mom and Dad thought she might suffocate him.  Ayden was very comical and grunted all the time.


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