Thursday, October 31, 2013

A Be"witch"ing Halloween

Happy Halloween!!!  My two little pumpkins were as cute as ever this Halloween.  Ayden's first Halloween was no where near a RAINY, GLOOMY one, like the weather this year...Boo!! 

Allie went to day care during the day for a spooktacular day with her friends.  She showed off her masterpiece she created and was soooo proud of.  This pumpkin art was kitchen refrigerator worthy.

Halloween dinner this year was graveyard meatloaf with ghostly mashed potatoes...and a little special jack-o-lantern for Allie girl.  The raisins were definitely her favorite. 

Dinner inspiration.  My meatloaf looked ALMOST just like this...
I was in such a rush at dinnertime I TOTALLY forgot to take a picture of it...bummer!

My little pumpkin all ready to go trick-or-treating
So happy it's Halloween
Since the weather did not cooperate at ALL...we ventured to the mall for some dry, indoor trick-or-treating.  Everyone else had the same smart idea we did.  It was a ZOO!  Luckily we got there early and it was somewhat less crowded to start. 

Trick-or-treat, watch me sleep!

When more and more goblins and ghouls arrived, Allie decided she wanted to ditch the trick-or-treating and go play at the mall's play area.  We met Allie's friend Ainsley (our neighbor's) there too!  Even though this Halloween's trick-or-treating wasn't ideal...we were all dry!...and we had a be"witch"ing good time!  AAANNNDDD we got to have a pretzel from the mall too...Allie's favorite mall food.  What a great Halloween snack to enjoy while watching the classic Charlie Brown and the Great Pumpkin!  Happy Halloween, 2013!

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